It’s finally come and gone, my 30 year high school reunion that is.  I believe God’s sense of humor to remind me to laugh and lighten up came in dreams about showing up at my reunion naked with nothing but a blingy spectacular pair of heels.  And thirty years in the business world have taught me to go with it like nothing was wrong.

If you know me well, you know I thrive on planning and organizing.  In my spare time, the past nine months were spent tracking down classmates, pulling together event details, and reminiscing on memories of the past.  For me, I find no greater satisfaction than seeing people enjoy themselves at an event that I’ve had a hand in planning.  I will chalk up this year’s reunion as a success.

On more than one occasion, when reconnecting with classmates, I heard the phrase ‘high school wasn’t a great memory for me’.  I can relate, I really can, junior high and high school were hard and I had my fair share of challenges but that’s not the intent of this post.


At my reunion, I witnessed faith in friendships in action.  For some, those early years were the beginning of friendships that have spanned decades. Friendships that taught about commitment, loyalty, sharing, and respect.  Friendships that start in the depths of your heart and touch you to the core of your being.  Life is busy and maybe years go by between visits but the friendships you’ve formed pick up like no time has passed.

For me, these friends…

  • would dig up the worms and put them in my pail so we could fish off the dock together.
  • taught me about farm life, changing water, testing electric fences, and racing horses through the orchards.
  • made having the chicken pox so much better only because we shared them together.
  • were totally OK with seeing how many softball players we could fit in my ’69 Volkswagen Bug just to make Humphrey’s practice on time.
  • just sat by my bed with me and didn’t ask questions after life felt too dark and overwhelming to go on.
  • got up extra early on Wednesday mornings for breakfast and Bible study.
  • would sit on the edge of our property lines and yell across the street to visit when we were both grounded for Lord knows what.
  • spent countless hours with me playing and soaking up the sun in our pool.
  • ventured to neighboring towns to check out the guys during football season.
  • taught me to belch like a drunken sailor and just how funny arm pit farts can be.
  • sat and cried with me when I lost my first grandparent.

So many memories of faith in friendships that highlighting each one would bore you to death.  My school years were hard and kids were mean back than too, but we were all just hormonal, confused kids trying to figure it out and find our own way.  I will choose joy and to let the memories of these friendships overshadow any humiliation, sadness, or sorrow that I experienced during that time.

I was saddened by the faces I didn’t get to see at the reunion and for all sorts of reasons I was crazy sentimental about the ones I did see. The bond with these friends spans school years spent in Royal City and Moses Lake – experiences and friendships I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Until our paths cross again, be well my friends –  Trish

  1. Mom

    Once again you have touched my heart. As I read the list of memories, a tear came to my eyes. Good memories and hard ones are all treasures in our journey. I love how you captured that in your sharing.

  2. AmberJane Loper

    Loved this. ♥️
    Thank you for sharing your heart!

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