Okay, so maybe Walla Walla Washington isn’t what most people think of when you say “Wine Country”.  Don’t knock it until you try it, Walla Walla has an eclectic vibe, with quaint  little shops and a slew of top notch restaurants. But that isn’t what made the weekend so good, it was spending time with very dear friends.

We were in Yellowstone looking for reasons to leave early when we heard that Kim and Tim were making arrangements for a weekend getaway in Walla Walla.  9 hours away, no problem.  What better opportunity to find out if ‘this guy’ is good enough for my friend than to spend an unassuming weekend ‘just hanging out’.  Little did Tim know that he would be under the microscope and in for an interrogation about his life and his intentions with my friend.  As I mentioned before, we did our best to be nonchalant and unassuming.  So without revealing all my secret tactics, I can tell you that he passed the test and has our blessing.

The weather in Walla Walla was beautiful and we had a blast eating our way through the farmers market.  We bought everything from authentic Mediterranean cuisine, to fresh fruits and veggies, and some of the best tamales I’ve ever tasted.   I already mentioned that the streets of downtown Walla Walla are filled with tasting rooms, little boutique shops, and great restaurants so to keep the peace among our little group we alternated at every stop – we shopped, we drank, and we ate, in that order, over and over and over.

The weekend came to a close and our time together was over much too soon.  By Sunday afternoon it was time for us to move on and continue our journey west for our next stop in Eugene, Oregon to have the motorhome serviced.

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