St. George Utah was our home for the month of April.  The outdoor adventures in this area seemed endless and while we won’t likely return to Temple View RV Resort again, we wouldn’t miss an opportunity to visit Southern Utah.


Sometimes you’ve just got to have a good burger and may not be dressed appropriately to visit some sit down restaurants; or you’ve been out on an adventure and there’s no Taco Trucks in sight. So what do you do?  What else, you head to In-N-Out.  This was a new experience for us because they don’t exist in Spokane.

Virgin River Trail system

Like the name imply’s, the Virgin River trail is a multi use trail that winds along the Virgin River through St. George and provides miles of paved trails for bikers, hikers, walkers, runners, roller blades, and about anything else non-motorized.   We had easy access to the trail system from where the motorhome was parked which always makes going for an adventure just that much nicer.  Growing up in the PNW I’ve become accustomed to beautiful blue bodies of water and rivers that run clear and clean.  That wasn’t what we found around St. George; the Virgin River was brown, murky, and very uninviting.

A day on the slopes of Brian Head

The weekend of this adventure was a bit surreal.  Saturday we were wandering the desert in 80 degree temps (our post about Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend coming soon) and Sunday we were skiing the slopes of Brian Head in 20 degree temps.

Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park is located on the north side of St. George and overlooks downtown St. George/Dixie. When I think of a park I usually picture grass and trees but Pioneer Park is unique in that it is just rocks and dirt but that doesn’t mean it isn’t just as beautiful as grass and trees. The vibrant red sandstone rocks that are so artfully sculpted by nature were amazing. At the edge of the park is the Red Hills Desert Garden which has on display and helpfully labeled the native species of plants common to the desert of south Utah/North Arizona. When we left the park and tried to find our way back to the motorhome we somehow ended up at In-N-Out – again.

George’s Pub

Our first three attempts at dining in St. George were AWFUL so we were thrilled when Don and Jens sang the praises of George’s.  It sits on the corner of Main Street and St. George Blvd with about 4 other restaurants so parking is a challenge. We drove through the maze like parking lot until we saw someone getting ready to back out so we patiently waited and just when they started pulling away some guy whipped into the spot! We sat there stunned for a couple seconds and then said “whatever”, life’s too short to get upset over a parking spot, we found another one not too far away. We made our way to the restaurant and were told it would be a 45 minute wait. Hmm, after what it took to get a parking spot and the hype we heard about the food, we decided to wait it out. We both ordered the Mahi fish tacos and were not disappointed. We left very satisfied and wishing we had found this place much earlier in our stay.

Don and Jen

Meet Don and Jen, our neighbors at the RV park during our stay in St. George. They are both retired Air Force (and our age woohoo) and live in Minnesota. They were getting away from the cold of Minnesota (it was -4 degrees when they left) and visiting family in the area. We love to meet new people and are excited that they are staying a month in Yuma at the same RV park we will be at this next winter.




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