Moon Walk Lotto

For 2 consecutive nights during the full moon the park has a lottery for a guided tour after dark with a telescope set up for viewing the amazing landscape. We showed up and put our names in but didn’t get drawn but we weren’t too disappointed because it turned out to be overcast. Bryce Canyon is at about 8000 feet so even though the weather was warm in St. George we had to put on some extra layers to protect our sun loving bodies from the freezing temperatures (it was about 50 degrees).


The hoodoos in the main canyon look like they belong on an alien planet. Between all of the different colors and the crazy shapes it makes for a very strange landscape.  The park has several viewing points around the rim of the canyon and established trail systems through the bottom for an ‘up close and personal’ experience of the limestone formations.

Picking up Hitchhikers

Hiking down from Inspiration Point (cue jokes here) we crossed paths with this family of four from Wisconsin.  After chatting with them for a few minutes we found out they parked their car and spent the past 4 hours hiking through the bottom of the canyon and now couldn’t recall which parking lot their car was in.  The evening was setting in and needless to say they were dirty, tired, and hungry so we offered to give them a ride a couple of miles to the next parking lot.  Either we look like nice safe people or they were just too tired to care because they took our offer. We drove around to Bryce Point and they started cheering when they spotted their car in the parking lot. Sometimes our encounters with people produce great friendships and sometimes they just produce great stories.

Red Canyon

Red Canyon is part of Bryce Canyon National Park and you drive through it if you enter the park from the west side. This is one of those places where if you weren’t seeing it with your own eyes you would swear that it was “Photoshopped”. The colors were so vibrant and bright making the contrast with the pine trees and other vegetation simply stunning. By the end of the day we were in search of a great spot to watch the sunset and failing miserably until one of the very last hiking spots near the exit of the park.  We had less than 10 minutes to get up high enough to see the horizon.  10 minutes, in failing light on a very steep, narrow, rocky trail – yikes.  Our reward was worth it, don’t you think?

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