• Where we met? Family camp (ages 9/11)
  • First date? 5th Quarter after party (ages 15/17)
  • Married? August 8, 1987 (ages 18/20)
  • Started a family? July 13, 1989


More than once people quoted the statistics of unsuccessful marriages at our age but we chose to move forward. Our faith was strong and we had good examples to follow.

At 18 and 20 years old I am not certain we really understood the depths of a wedding vow. To love and cherish, in sickness and in health, in good times and bad – until death? Phew, only our life experience can truly define what success in marriage looks like for each one of us. We’ve had moments when our parenting styles were so different that we couldn’t see the path forward. Moments of realization when we needed to take a step back to evaluate and change the direction of our relationship. Moments when we’ve said ‘I choose to love you, but right now I don’t really like you’ and moments when we had to remind each other that divorce was not an option. We’ve had moments when only grace and forgiveness will see us through.

It’s in these times that our marriage has been refined and strengthened. When we’ve been pushed to learn compassion and understanding, to swallow pride and take ownership for actions while receiving affirmation from the other that we are not alone in this. It’s these moments that make the foundation for a forever friendship by creating a relationship with someone you want to do life with, someone you want to raise kids with, someone you want to laugh at stupid jokes with, to see the world with, and to grow old with.

Just like anything marriage is hard and ours has grown through trials and tribulations in every area.  Letting love win does not mean we always stand in agreement with each other but rather choose to find a way through the situation or problem. Letting love win means our relationship is more important than these circumstances and I still choose to love you. If you choose to let love win and stick it out the reward is a journey of passion and devotion.

Today marks 30 years of marriage for us and we have no expectation that life is done throwing us curve balls. What we do know is that our faith in God is solid, our commitment to each other remains true, and if we had it to do over again we would in a heartbeat.



  1. Colleen Hansen

    This is a beautiful story!! Congrats on 30 years, we will be there next year! You have shown a beautiful example to your girls & grands of what a solid marriage is & should be, with God as the head of your household!! Many continued blessings to you as you celebrate today & for many more years to come!! HUGS

  2. Kimberly Harlow

    Thank you for loving one another and sharing your love with others! 🙂

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