Our journey affords us the opportunity to make new friends, experience wild adventures, and see this crazy beautiful country we live in, but the closer we get to our family in Spokane the more excited we get.

We stayed in Clarkston for 2 1/2 short weeks and it welcomed us with a sunny sky’s and 105 degree temperatures.  What more could a sun lover ask for?


Interested in a fun fact about Palouse Falls? This one touches my heart because I love brave kid stories.  Thirty students (between third grade and sixth grade) from Washtucna began researching the possibility of having Palouse Falls become the state waterfall.  Through countless hours of research and essay writing the kids contacted state representatives to sponsor a bill and went before state legislators to present their case.  In March, 2014 Palouse Falls was officially named the state waterfall for Washington you can read the entire story here.

Our first weekend in the area was spent with our cousin McKenzie and touring Palouse Falls.


I’ve mentioned in previous posts that we’ve been playing around with our new hobby in photography.  Being the studious amateur I am and knowing that the Fourth of July was coming, I did my research and had my notes prepared for a great evening.   With lens and tripod in hand, we walked over to where the fireworks would be on display, set up the camera, and waited.  We were situated in a park on the river below the launching site. Our spot was perfect and I was giddy with excitement as I waited for that first explosion of light.  You can imagine my surprise when it happened, right over our heads.  My first thoughts…oh gosh….we are way too close and I brought the wrong lens for this range.  We took a few minutes to readjust but still could not put enough distance between the camera and the fireworks so we made due.   During the walk back to our place we chatted with another photographer with a lifetime of experience out taking pictures of the fireworks.  I had immense satisfaction when he made the comment that he too brought the wrong lens. All of a sudden my rookie mistake didn’t feel so bad.


The girls and our grand-babies joined us the second week in Clarkston.  The week was spent trying to keep the boys entertained, fighting over getting to hold miss Abigail and keeping cool. We went to the aquatic center one day, played on a sandbar another day and the boys tried to wear out papa’s new RC cars almost every day (maybe rechargeable batteries wasn’t such a good idea)



Josh, Alyssa and Ryker decided to try a little fishing by the boat ramp close to the RV park. After catching several sunfish and small catfish and then a huge snapping turtle they called it quits.


This kid is smart and has way too much energy, a dangerous combination in a two year old package but those way too short moments when he’s tired and wants to snuggle make it all worth it.


This girl is the most mellow, bright eyed little cutie pie there is. It was so nice to spend time with her and get our baby fix.


Ryker insisted on staying with us (sleeping on his little cot in our already small bedroom) all 7 nights he was here and is a wiz at counting down his sleeps.  He’s the type of kid that doesn’t like to waste daylight so the first 2 mornings he was standing next to our bed at 6 am saying “Papa, time to get up!” We quickly learned that we could get another hour of sleep if we shut all the blackout shades.


There’s a clan of people spread across the United States that were part of our small group when we lived in Spokane.  The McGill’s have been in Lewiston, Idaho for the last 5 years and we had an opportunity to connect with them a couple of times while in the area.


We’re still at it – playing with the camera.  We actually did our ‘love’ trial run with glow sticks first before playing with fire.

  1. Colleen Hansen

    WOW, I love this blog!! The pictures are amazing, your descriptions of each of the grands is so sweet, and your adventures sound like fun!! So glad you got some time with friends & family!!
    Love & miss you friends!!

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