It never crossed my mind to have delivering a baby on my bucket list.  But thankfully I can add it and then promptly cross it off all in one swift motion.

The arrival of Miss Abigail Renae

It snows in the Pacific Northwest, granted some years more than others.  But in February 2017 Spokane had loads of snow which means it simply takes longer to get from place to place.  After Daniel, Dean and Megan elected to have their next baby at home with a midwife.  When Megan went into labor on Saturday, February 4th she had knowledge and explicit instructions from the midwife on ‘the what to do and when’.  Contractions were moving ahead nicely while we were quickly checking off our list and keeping the midwife abreast of the progress.  Abruptly, unexpectedly, rapidly, swiftly, quickly – you get the idea – it happened wicked fast and Megan felt intense pressure.  We did some checking and Dean called the midwife to tell her that Megan was crowning and ask how far away she was.  It was funny because I could have sworn she said 45 minutes to an hour – dang cell phones and flaky reception – because we didn’t have 45 minutes to an hour and my list did not contain any instructions for doing this without a midwife present.  We were given two options:

  1. Call 911 and deliver at the hospital
  2. Put the midwife on speaker and go for it

Some sort of reply like ‘lets do this’ was the response from the ever calm Dean and Megan.  As simple as that, the decision was made and we were delivering this baby at home whether the midwife arrived in time or not.

Dean, Megan, and the voice on the phone (kind of like Oz) are the real champs of this story while Nana (me) played nurse maid fetching towels, bowls, and frantically sent texts to family updating on the progress.  On Saturday, February 4th at 11:02 PM Dean and Megan delivered Miss Abigail Renae weighing in at 9 lbs 1 oz and 22 inches long.


The arrival of Miss Vivian Jeanea

On Friday, February 3rd in Springfield Missouri, Joey and his girlfriend Diana welcomed Miss Vivian Jeanea weighing in at 6 lbs 8 oz and 16 inches long. It’s times like this that we wished all of our kids were in one place because we weren’t there to welcome this beautiful little girl into the world.  We’re so anxious to meet and snuggle this sweet precious little one.



  1. Colleen Hansen

    WOW, how scary & exciting!! Thank you for sharing, sounds like an adventure of it’s own!! I must say, Trish, that Abigail is a beautiful little girl and I see her as the mini me of you!! Sooo beautiful! Congratulations Nana and Travis (sorry, I don’t know your official title of the grandkids).

    Sure do miss you guys but it’s so nice to hear & see all your adventures!! HUGS

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