Time with Friends

I know, we’ve said this over and over but it’s true, one of the best parts of our adventure is meeting new friends.  We met Michael and Judy in Polson, Montana last year and reconnected with them for a couple of days at their home in Summerlin on our journey north.  It was a great time of relaxing, doing a little shopping, and just catching up on life.  We look forward to crossing paths again.

Container Park

Travis and I aren’t big gamblers so we set out to find different things to do while we were in Las Vegas. Container Park surprised us by touting a kid friendly environment – in Las Vegas no less – so off we went.  Some things about Vegas will never change and will likely require you to blindfold your kids to get to Container Park unscathed.   But once there, we were greeted by a giant flame throwing, dancing praying mantis.   The park is an open air shopping center with boutique shops, unique restaurants, and live family-friendly entertainment.

Hoover Dam

Living in 430 sq feet means you look for every opportunity to get out and move or adventure as I like to think of it.  We wrapped up work early this sunny afternoon and headed out for a hike on one of the rail-to-trail paths from Lake Mead Recreation Center to Hoover Dam. The trail was originally cut in by the railroad to transport material during construction of the Hoover Dam.  It’s 7.5 miles round trip, travels through 5 tunnels, and stretches along beautiful Lake Mead.  This trail system is closed during the summer months due to the heat in the area.   Despite the distance, calling it a hike is a stretch, think of it more as a really long stroll.

The tours of Hoover Dam fill up quickly but are well worth the trip.  Our tour took us over 500 feet down inside the dam, there were several signs along the way that talked about claustrophobia and people with heart conditions that made me question the rationale behind our decision.  If you’ve seen one dam, you’ve seen them all, right?

It was a great experience and if you ever want to see Hoover Dam I would recommend hiking the trail but just make sure you’re prepared with plenty of water.  If you pack snacks eat them before you get to the dam – there is no food allowed inside.

P.S. The name of this post is from a movie starring Nicholas Cage who lives in the same Summerlin neighborhood as our friends.


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