I didn’t want to be an overachiever for posting too many blog updates so it’s been almost two months since our last post leaving me lots of room for improvement; wouldn’t you say? (I actually started this post before getting lost in thoughts about my gram.)

It was with bitter sweet feelings that we left Redding the end of April headed to Crescent City, California.  The highlight of our three weeks in Crescent City was a visit from Josh, Alyssa, and Ryker on Mother’s Day weekend.  We did our fair share of contributing to the economic growth of all the local tourist traps by visiting the Redwoods and hiking through the Trees of Mystery, petting sharks at the Ocean World Aquarium, and flying kites on the beach at the ocean.

Crescent City Family

Boys and Their Toys

What guy isn’t content just playing with their toys.  Travis and Ryker spent the afternoon flying the drone.  Ryker was rather confident that he is a better pilot than his Papa.  I think my favorite picture below is the ‘make-do’ goggles.  Grandkids are the best!

Travis and Ryker

The Redwoods and The Trees of Mystery

I find it hard to believe that I’ve lived on the West Coast my entire life and this was my first visit to the Redwoods.  We were greeted by Paul Bunyan and Babe the Big Blue Ox at The Trees of Mystery.  We hiked a ways up the mountain and took a gondola ride to the viewpoint.  What a fun day!

Trees of Mystry

A Fascination with Sharks

What kid doesn’t want a pet shark.  The interactive tide-pools at Ocean World Aquarium are a petting zoo for all kinds of animals living in the ocean.  Ryker bravely talked about petting the sharks all weekend – right up until the opportunity presented itself.

Ocean Aquarium

Mother’s Day

We set out early Sunday morning to catch low tide on Enderts Beach where we spent hours roaming through the tide-pools and finding all kinds of cool rocks, colorful shells, starfish, and a sea anemone finishing his crab breakfast (look at the crab leg sticking out of the middle of the anemone). The simple lines in the rocks boggled my mind.

Tide Pools

A Day at the Beach

Sand, water, blue skies, a kite, and sand castle building tools.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather for a relaxing afternoon at the beach.  It was such a treat to spend time with the kids.


We are almost six months into this journey and still love it.  It’s been full of new places and faces.

Until next time –


  1. Colleen Hansen

    Yes, it’s been a while since your last blog, I was beginning to wonder if we would hear from you again! These are some awesome pics that you shared… THANK YOU!! It’s been fun seeing & hearing all about your adventures! I’ve lived on the West Coast all my life too, and have never been to the Redwoods either… would so like to go one of these days!!

    So nice to be able to keep in touch via your blog!! =)
    HUGS from the Hansen’s

  2. Tera

    Was so excited to see some updated posts! First of all, sorry to hear about your Gram. 97… wow! How awesome! Second, love the pictures! Your hair is adorable. Miss you guys! Keep us posted!

  3. Steve & Janine

    Great Blog! Hope you’ll keep it up. We’re enjoying your adventures.

    We’ve been our adventure now for just over four years. We met such wonderful people, you and Travis included. What a nice couple you guys are!

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