So today while Trish is skiing in Colorado I installed a new XM receiver and connected it to the Sonos system. We had been using Pandora with Sonos but a lot of our data is from Verizon and AT&T so we need to save our bandwidth (money) so this seemed like a good option. I just got the receiver activated so now I’m sitting here jamming out to my favorite stations. I’m loving the Sonos system, I have it connected to our media system so it works while watching movies and sounds awesome and the 4k TV looks awesome. I watched Big Hero 6 the other night and was blown away by the detail. Here’s to cool technology (and the ability to make it work LOL).

  1. Teresa

    If anyone can make technology work it is you two. Glad you are enjoying your rock out session…hopefully the blinds are pulled so the neighbors don’t see. 🙂

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