McCall is a quaint little resort town that enjoys sports like snowmobiling and skiing at Brundage Mountain in the winter, and water sports on Payette lake in the summer. We were there for the month of June and while the rest of the country was experiencing heat waves we were waking up each morning to 40 degrees due to the 5000 foot altitude.


We stayed at McCall RV resort on the edge of town and enjoyed exploring the area.  Our first weekend in town we caught up with our friends Tony and Jen for some good Mexican food at Pueblo Lindo.  Tony and Jen were in town for a last hoorah celebrating his son’s high school graduation and to pack up the remaining remnants of his house before the big move to Boise.

We ventured out one evening to Cascade, which is about 30 miles south of McCall and went to a little one screen movie theater called The Roxy and watched Wonder Woman. The Roxy is a family owned theater that shows one movie a week on Friday nights.  It’s those quirky experiences that make this lifestyle so interesting.

The dark nights of Central Idaho have given us the opportunity to play around with our camera and astro photography  We stayed up way to late a couple of nights and shot star trails over Lake Payette one night and over an abandon airplane a second night.

The other photo’s were taken on our way home from Spokane for Father’s Day.  My favorite is the American flag on the barn.


We had a weekend where the weather was supposed to be bad so on Saturday we spent some time cleaning and doing some maintenance on the motorhome and our reward was going to be a nice relaxing cool day at the hot springs on Sunday. Well you know how plans work out. Sunday turned out to be sunny and warm so sitting in the hot springs wasn’t quite the experience we were looking for so we toughed it out for about 30 minutes and headed home. Gold Fork Hot Springs was a nice semi-developed hot spring that would be wonderful on a cold overcast day.


We drove to Spokane for Father’s Day and had an awesome time with the kids and grandkids. Being away from our family for extended periods of time make these moments so special.


Thursday mornings at “Get Air” at the Northtown Mall is “toddler time” so we took both grandsons and let them run and jump until they were sweaty, hungry beasts and then had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings.


Most of the time we don’t eat out a lot but since the grocery shopping is a little limited in McCall we ate out more than usual. Some of the places we tried were “My Father’s Place”, “Pueblo Lindo”, “Growlers Pizza and Brewery”, the “Tiki Bar at Mile High Marina” and we might have visited “Ice Cream Alley” more than once. One nice thing about resort towns is they usually have a good selection of food. I think every time we drove down the main street we saw another restaurant/cafe tucked away in some corner.


One sunny afternoon we parked downtown and walked to Mile High Marina (after a stop at Ice Cream Alley) and sat out on the deck next to the public boat launch and had some tasty drinks and appetizers for dinner. Our entertainment for the evening was a live band,  little kids dancing and people launching and loading boats. Apparently the art of backing up a boat trailer is such a rare skill that the bar provides score cards to rate the launches/loading. While we sat there we saw everything from 10’s by the boat rental guys/gals (they really know how to back up a trailer) to a 4 from a group that forgot to unhook the winch and made a young boy get in the water to unhook it (losers).

  1. Mom

    What a fun way to end my day….to read about your days. I love you, my kiddos. Mom

  2. Tera Maki

    Oh my gosh! I’m dying laughing about the ratings for backing up trailers. When I was about 18, my mom and I must have spent about 2 hours trying to back our jet ski into the water until some guy came off the lake and asked if we wanted help! I’m pretty sure we would not have received 10’s! :p Miss you guys!

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