This “house” is very well designed and works very well until you start adding stuff. When the AquaHot heating system stopped working I ran to Walmart and got a little heater which kept the bedroom warm but Monday night I had the heater going and put a bag of popcorn in the microwave and,,, “pop”. No problem I just reset the breaker, turned off the heater and restarted the microwave. Then the next morning I was working in front of the nice warm fireplace keeping my feet nice and toasty and started the dishwasher (the first time we have ever ran it) and,,, you guessed it “pop”. So I reset the breaker (a different one than popped the night before), left the fireplace off and thought I needed to restart the dishwasher but as it turns out it was running, it’s just so quiet you can’t hear it. It’s going to take a while to get used to this “house” but it’s all just part of the adventure.

  1. Favorite Daughter

    I am so happy I can stalk you guys! I love reading all the posts

    1. Tricia Cox

      And I love getting your Skype calls! It makes me smile.

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