The temperatures have been a bit of a shock as we continue to move north and we’ve found ourselves commenting on Yuma weather more and more.   The snow-capped mountains in Heber City left us feeling a bit anxious and questioning our choice of locations but for the most part the weather cooperated and only required a light jacket during the day (it did snow while we were in Spokane but melted off the same day).

We continue to get questions from people we meet about how and why we choose the places we stay.  Because we both still work full time it’s really simple and our criteria list is short:

  1. A rock solid wireless 4G LTE signal from Verizon or AT&T (don’t really care which one).
  2. Be a reasonable proximity to an airport (within a two hour drive).

It’s a bonus if both of these requirements can be met near someplace that’s on our ‘Places to See’ list and is short and t-shirt weather 90% of the time.


Late one afternoon we chased all the kids off the pickle-ball court to try our hand at hitting a wiffle ball back and forth for a while.  If you’ve never heard of pickle-ball here is a link.  Think over-sized ping pong table.  If nothing else, it was good for  a little exercise and some laughs.  


We spent half of our time in Heber City traveling, some for work and some for pleasure. Feeling sentimental, home-sick, and missing our grand-babies we booked a two week trip back to Spokane and spent Mother’s Day with family.

Our morning started off with Dean and Megan having little Miss Abigail dedicated at church followed by a late lunch at mom and dad’s house.  Slowly our family is growing and the day was hectic, crazy, loud, chaotic and all those things that happen when family is together – but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.



During those parenting years we would often hear people comment about the difference between raising boys and girls.  We had nothing to compare it to; it was all girl, all the time.

But now, with these boys, oh what a difference!  It’s all about dirt, trucks, throwing rocks, fishing, rough housing and the occasional hug or kiss for Nana and Papa.  No different than most kids, they have two speeds, fast and faster.  They are full of energy from the time they get up to the time they fall into bed at night.  The things they say – some of it completely inappropriate simply make us laugh.


We’ll be the first to say that we probably started moving north too soon and should have spent one more month in Yuma.  The heavy snowfall in the mountains of central Utah really limited what sites we could see.  There wasn’t enough snow to ski and yet there was too much to access several of the trail systems in the area.  Construction in Provo Canyon between Heber City and Provo had several areas blocked off and unreachable. Thankfully the construction workers took Memorial Day weekend off and they opened up some of the sites to visitors.


Believe it or not, on multiple occasions, we’ve looked at each-other with that longing ‘I miss our projects’ look on our face.  I know, you’re probably not surprised.  How can two people who’ve spent 16 project focused years just up and change.  The truth is, we can’t. Now we’ve found ourselves looking for new projects and hobbies that fit in the 450 square feet we live in.  Travis has focused on some crazy motorhome automation projects and I’ve started dabbling in photography.   Oh, Alexa if only you would learn to fix our meals and do our laundry.


  1. Colleen Hansen

    The Mother’s Day family photo is so great!! Love seeing your girls as mama’s and they had a great example to learn from!! The picture of Trish and Miss Abigail is just the sweetest!! I love reading your blogs & seeing the pics!! Thank you for sharing!!
    Your 450 sq ft looks pretty snazzy as well =)

  2. Megan Borgford

    I love reading your blog and I really love that picture of you and Abby.

    1. Megan Borgford

      Actually will you send it to me?

  3. Kimberly Harlow

    Your memories and experiences will last you a lifetime! Thanks for sharing your photos as stories! Beautiful family!😘

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