Havasu Falls

One of those moments when your idea or expectations and reality are not even in the same realm.  The photo to the right was my idea of how we would be spending some of our time at Lake Havasu.  What I didn’t realize until after we booked our stay was that this is a 10 mile hike into the falls after a 3 1/2 hour drive to get to the trail head AND they recommend making a reservation for a guided trip.  Lesson learned, we didn’t make our reservation in the area long enough to do something like this but know that we will be back someday to make this idea a reality.

Spring Break Rumors

We heard rumors in Yuma that we were hitting Lake Havasu during spring break season. However our first impression when we arrived in this sleepy little town on a Sunday afternoon was anything but visions of the Girls Gone Wild or the spring break so many country artist sing about.  Traffic was tolerable as we drove through on our way to the RV park and there wasn’t a bikini in sight.

Often times on days we travel we’ll go in search of some local restaurant establishment for lunch or dinner – today was no different.  One of us was hangry, and thanks to reviews on Trip Adviser or Yelp we had a destination picked and were quickly in route to some much needed food.  Our drive through town did nothing to change our initial impression of this so called ‘Spring Break’ town until we noticed the small plane circling the area advertising Trojan Condoms.  Hhmmm, it’s likely we misjudged.

Paddle Boarding

In hindsight (another benefit of being behind in blogging) our weather has gotten colder and colder as we’ve worked our way north and I wish we would have spent more time out on the water in Havasu.   Our afternoon here was so warm, sunny, and peaceful.  Castle Rock is more of a swimming beach and has no access for motorized boats providing perfect conditions for paddle boarding.

Desert Bar

The recommendations we get from people who share our lifestyle is probably one of the funnest parts of our adventure.  Sometimes there are simply too many places to see and not enough time during our stay for one more road trip because we’re still “workin’ folk”. We heard about Desert Bar from a couple of sources so you’ll have to let us know if this is a place you would visit with a description like this:

 ‘You have to visit Desert Bar in Parker, Arizona.  You will need to ask the locals how to get there because there really aren’t directions.  It’s about 5 miles from the main road on a dirt road designed for ATV’s and Razors.  You can only go during daylight hours because there is no power at the bar.’

Does that sound like a sweet trip or what?  We weren’t overly enthusiastic about the sounds of this little day trip – especially in our Summit, the Wrangler would have been a different story.  However, since Havasu was turning out nothing like we imagined and we were looking for ways to avoid downtown and the spring break crowd that materialized, it was off to Desert Bar we went.   The trip was an experience to say the least.

The Desert Bar is open October thru April, Saturdays and Sundays only from high noon till 6 pm, Arizona time.  The place is solar powered and crazy packed with live music, three fully functional bar and kitchen areas, a merchandise store, and fully operational bathrooms – with flushing toilets and running water (score).  It was so worth the trip, for the experience alone.





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