The details of how this crazy idea started are a little fuzzy but at some point we found ourselves embracing the idea of living like nomads. Minimal possessions, traveling the country, seeing and doing as much as possible (except mowing a lawn and weeding gardens). Our kids are all grown up and moved out and we both have jobs that we can do wherever we have internet. So we sold the house and almost everything we owned and bought a house on wheels.


2015-11-18 (1)

Getting ready has taken much longer than we expected (and a lot more money) but as of today we are really close to being on the road. We will try to update this blog as much as possible with pictures and video of our adventures so follow along as we jump in with both feet.

  1. Cathy Schalla

    Holy Crap! That’s a big ol’ RV! I see you have plenty of shoe storage between the tires! I may be able to live that kind of lifestyle after all. Hope to see you Saturday! As Rick Steves says, “Keep on Travelin'”

  2. Merrily & Jim Harris

    Well Kiddos, you are about on your way! Dad and I have loved being able to be part of your journey beginning. Thank you so much for choosing to stay with us while you get all the last minute details set up. You are going to have so much fun….we will enjoy staying in the loop of your journey through this site. Big blessings to you!! Love, Mom

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