Heceta LighthouseWe’ve been in Eugene, Oregon since the middle of February and by mid last week Travis and I were all set to move further south to Northern California when we got a call from Megan asking if she and Daniel could come for a visit.  Unless it’s work related, our new normal means our schedule isn’t driven by any set agenda so of course our answer was YES!  It was a short trip, we picked them up from the airport Friday afternoon, spent Saturday touring the area, and they flew home on Sunday afternoon.

I would like to believe that any seasoned tourist sets out on their excursion with explicit maps and directions for their journey.  That’s not how we roll!

Wildcat BridgeWingin’ it Saturday morning, we set out on our adventure.  Did you know that Oregon has 51 covered bridges?  We didn’t either until we picked up a magazine about cool things to do in Oregon (check out those facts here).  We decided it would be fun to stop and check out Wildcat Covered Bridge on our way out to Florence.   Excited to check out a piece of history, we took the exit in search of a little white covered bridge that we heard ‘was just off the freeway’.  After 20 minutes of driving the trees in the forest became dense to the point of blocking daylight and the road turned to a single lane; we decided it was time to turn around and head back.   We joked on the return trip to the highway that it would be funny if we found the bridge right on the other side of the highway.  Guess what?  If you’re ever in the area and interested in checking out a pretty cool covered bridge – turn RIGHT off the highway, not left.  Our adventure only got better from there, we enjoyed lunch in Florence and ended our day at Heceta Head Lighthouse just north of town.

Spending the weekend with Megan and Daniel was a perfect remedy for feeling homesick.  However, today we continued our journey and moved on down to Northern California.  More to come soon – 20160227_120208





  1. Kim Lauer

    I’ve finally logged into the blog and love reading about your adventures. You and Travis and truly living the dream. Keep posting as we all live vicariously through you and be safe. The office seems so different without you here!

  2. Kristine Thompson

    Hey there! I’m really enjoying the blog posts! Missing you, but excited for your adventure ((hugs))!!!

  3. Merrily & Jim Harris

    I loved reading about your weekend adventure with Megan and Daniel. And the pictures are beautiful. We miss you so much but love hearing about your new lifestyle and the “adventures” brought your way. Looking forward to hanging out together next week in Redding. We absolutely love hanging out at Bethel Church and to be with you guys will make it a double treat!!!

  4. Libby Brumet

    Thinking about you guys, have save travels!! Looks like you are enjoying your adventure! Love the pics and updates.

  5. Becky

    Hi, I love covered bridges and am glad you got to spend time with Megan and Daniel.

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