I could finish that statement in so many ways:

  • Today’s the day we say “until next time” to our friends.
  • Today’s the day we test the waters in this decision some people have called crazy.
  • Today’s the day we set off for Tri-Cities.  I know it’s not far, but you have to start somewhere – right?
  • Today’s the day we take a leap of faith and start our new chapter in life.

My emotions this past week have been all over the place.  As many of you know there have been some challenges along the way and it would be easy to get frustrated and let those little challenges cause stress in our life.  Or…we could just roll with it and see what blessings are behind those challenges.  The past two weeks have been overflowing with farewell hugs from friends and family, with words of encouragement for our journey, and the occasional bout of anxiety for this adventure we are about to set out on.

We have many things to be thankful for.  To our bosses that are willing to give us an opportunity to take full advantage of technology and work from ‘wherever’.  To our friends for cheering us on  – but most of all, we are thankful for our family who have shown us support and encouraged us to follow our hearts.  We love you…so much….we love you!


  1. Love you both to the moon and back and I’m soooo excited to read about your adventures.

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