1. The number of people that have strollers for their pets is disturbing.
  2. You don’t have to worry about how you look at the pool because this is definitely not a spring break crowd.
  3. A lot of people travel with cats and just let them wander around.
  4. There are a surprising number of women RV’ing alone.
  5. Most everyone we meet assumes we are on vacation because we don’t look old enough to be retired and the idea of working full time and traveling the country in an RV is foreign to most people.
  6. You can order pizza and have it delivered to your RV.
  7. There must be some kind of federal regulation that states that RV parks have to be located near a freeway and/or railroad tracks.
  8. No, we aren’t members of the Elks and still have no interest in joining.
  9. Pets are great conversation starters.
  10. Some people really, really like rope light

Bonus: Happy hour falls between 3 and 4 because the average bed time is 7PM.




  1. Colleen Hansen

    HILARIOUS!! Awesome that you can have pizza delivered to your RV =)
    Thanks for sharing once again!! Safe travels

  2. Cathy's Schalla

    Shit. I just bought rope light. 😉

    1. tecbuilt

      We’ve seen some people light up half the park with the amount of rope light they have all over and around their RV. Moderation is the key.

    2. Tricia Cox

      Just keep them on your deck or under the cabinets. They don’t belong in anything motorized….ever, under no circumstance. Kapesh?

  3. Merrily & Jim Harris

    Really got a good laugh with this!! You guys are a hoot!!! Ok now, what kind of dog strollers are they buying…..I’ve been looking at them, just sayin’!

  4. Steve & Janine

    Great observations.

    We’d add sewer hoses come in a variety of colors. We know this from being so close together we know our neighbors sewer hose very well.

    Most people have no idea how to train their dog(s).

    Someone just asked us the other day if we belonged to the Elks. We said no. Funny.

    When we buy stuff, it’s not about how much it cost – it’s where are we going to put it?

    We think walkers outside the front door of the coach is interesting and worrisome.

  5. Veronica

    This is amazing; I had no idea you guys were doing a blog! It was starting to be a tough day at work until I took a breather, and started reading, “Finding TNT”. This has made my day.

    1. Tricia Cox

      Glad we could make you smile! Love you sweet girl!

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