I had a really long write-up of our fist night away from “home” complaining about a couple issues (like waking up to a cold bedroom and the toilet not flushing) but I realized that we are blessed in that God has been preparing us our whole lives for this adventure. Right now the toilet works perfectly, the motorhome is nice and warm, and we cooked dinner on our brand new untested induction cook top.


Although yesterday was hard saying “see you later” to our family, arriving in Kennewick last night and having dinner with some very dear friends ended the day on a positive note.

  1. Marsa

    Miss you but so VERY excited for you! Stay warm and cozy! : )

    1. Tricia Cox

      Miss you too Marsa. Obviously plans can change at a moments notice, but I think we are going to end up in Weed in the next couple weeks.

      1. Marsa

        I just now read that message from you, Tricia! From later posts, it doesn’t seem you’re there yet – or maybe you were, and you’re through it by now. 🙂 Very cool to think of you there. Love you, dear friend!

  2. Teresa

    I am so excited for you guys…to live this journey so few have only dreamed of…Good for you! We love you and are so excited for you guys. Wished we could stow away to enjoy in this adventure, but will wait to read about it instead! As for farewells…ehh, I don’t believe in them. Instead I believe in “hasta la vista’s” which means…until I see you again! Love you bunches! Take lots of pictures and share. Enjoy your time together and your big adventure in life…now just breathe…

    1. Tricia Cox

      Hi dear friend! And what an adventure it’s been, I’m learning to be flexible with my schedule and try desperately to keep in mind that we don’t have an agenda to be anyplace at any certain time. Look forward to seeing you when we’re home for Daniel’s birthday.

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