CheckmarkOur two week trail run in Tri-Cities came to an end on Sunday.   Our goal was to familiarize ourselves with the motorhome, learn how things worked, decide what still needed changed or updated, and confirm that our workstations and networks met the demands of our jobs.  With the exception of a few things, we would call our trial run a success.   We pulled up stakes and headed further south to Salem Oregon with sights set on Northern California (anyplace warmer then where I’ve been as far as I’m concerned).

20160209_071634Finding routine is something that has proven very difficult these past few months, but we finally see light (and not an oncoming train) and can focus on so many things that are important to us.  One of my goals in this life transition is to change how I spend my time; focusing on my physical health, my mental health, and my spiritual health.  Spending quiet time in the morning supports my mental and spiritual health and hitting my yoga mat in the evening is strengthening my physical health.


Here’s a quick picture of what our workdays look like.  And before you gasp, yes these aging eyes warrant the 40 inch monitor –  it just makes life easier and is really no different than all the monitors I had on my desk at work.  With the exception of conference calls, our days are quiet – Travis is good company but I have to admit, I’ve found that I miss the jabber of my co-workers.

BlueHeronLargeFallPhotoWe fell in love with the pictures of our next stop – a quiet place on the Klamath River in Northern California and were sorely disappointed to learn there is no cell service which makes working impossible for both of us.  With that said, it’s back to the Internet for more research.  Until then ~ Salem is our home.






  1. Kim Harlow

    Trish and Travis-
    You’ve been in my thoughts and finally getting on this site makes my heart smile for the experience you trusted enough to make happen! So excited for you both! Thanks for sharing…love seeing and hearing how the first few weeks have gone! Many Blessings-Kim

    PS Now that is a great office set-up!!

  2. Tera

    So glad the trial run was successful! On to new sites! We tried to go to Wild Sage on Sunday for Yukon Taquito’s but they didn’t open until 4 and we were headed to a movie. It made me think of you guys though! Safe travels!

    1. Tricia Cox

      Too funny Tera! With their crazy hours, Travis and I were trying to figure out how we could make a quick stop at Wild Sage before we left town. Take care –

  3. Dawn

    Salem is looking beautiful. I love your work stations and that you are heading to warmer country. We miss you both at Homegroup. Keep us updated when you get to the warm part of the country, share the warmth. Dawn

    1. Tricia Cox

      Ah, Dawn – we so miss the you, Marg, and the friendships and connections we made in Homegroup but firmly believe that we are only growing our network of friends as we travel. Unfortunately, in these colder temperatures people are snuggled down in their RV’s.

  4. Jen

    Oh how I miss you already, but our lunch time giggles are going to be the thing I will miss the most!!
    Enjoy your adventures and if you ever need to hear some jabber… pick up the phone and call me.
    Much love Trav and Trish!

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