• I love that we are having so much fun on our journey that writing a blog post is the last thing on my mind.
  • I love it when our family comes to visit us at any one of our random locations.
  • I love meeting new friends and having the freedom to ensure that our paths cross again in the near future.
  • I love that we’ve been at this for a little over 8 months and we aren’t having conversations about looking for someplace to settle down or our end game plan.
  • I love that our level of excitement only increases with each new destination.
  • I love hearing the stories from the other couples and families that are on a similar adventure to ours.
  • I love that we aren’t looking for an escape from each other in our 43 feet of living space.
  • I love checking things off our bucket list.
  • I love the anticipation of going grocery shopping in every new town (I only put this one in here because I am trying to change my attitude on this particular topic).

Do you get the picture?  We’re having a blast and are eagerly plotting our journey across the country.

Now to catch you up on the last month and a half.   Mid-June we pulled into Hungry Horse, Montana and spent a week at family camp with Megan, Dean, Daniel, and my folks.  It was a fun, whirlwind week full of ministry, teaching, worship, and adventure.  Our take away from camp was the value of personal investment we are making in people’s lives today.  Living out our faith rather than just talking about it.

We spent our afternoon free time at camp going on hikes in Glacier National Park and rafting the Middle Fork of the Flathead River.  I’ll say one thing is for sure, this mama is not a back country hiker and ‘NO!’ it doesn’t matter how much ammo the boys were packin’ still not interested.   My anxiety of being swallowed whole by a bear or gaining first-hand knowledge of just how sly and stealthy mountain lions are overshadowed any sense of adventure to hike on desolate trails so we stuck to the higher traffic streams and river beds.


The rafting trip on the other hand fed every ounce of my secret adrenaline junkie nature and kept my heart pumping in pure exhilaration.  A shout out to Glacier Guides and Montana Raft Company for a top notch trip.  Our guide, Patrick was awesome and guided us through the anxious moments after the raft directly in front of us flipped when it high sided on Rosie’s Rock. Once everyone was safely pulled into the closest raft we went in search of the missing paddles and we ended up only losing one.  After watching how the life vests were used to tug our river bobbing boat mates to safety, this mama will never again complain about tight vests and squished tata’s.


By the end of June Travis and I said our good-byes to family and friends at the end of family camp and moved on to an RV park just outside of Glacier National Park in West Glacier, Montana.   Can I just say that we were enamored with the park?  Every trip out was full of comments like ‘Holy Buckets, look at that!’ ‘OMG, check that out!’ ‘Stinking beautiful!’  We hiked into Avalanche Lake, ventured up Going to the Sun Road to the top of Logan’s Pass, spent an afternoon out on the paddle boards on Lake MacDonald (with water so clear you could see the fish swimming below).  This is definitely a place we will come back for another visit.

Lake MacDonald

Shortly after the 4th of July we moved to Polson Motorcoach Resort in Polson, Montana.  Besides being located on the stunningly beautiful Flathead Lake, this resort is meticulously landscaped and many of the lots were equipped with outdoor kitchens and fire pits.  The mindset in this park was very different from anything we’ve experienced so far.  In other parks we’ve visited, people were more about setting out on their own adventures and touring the area.  Whereas in this park there were activities that brought people together giving us an opportunity to make friendships with people that we will cherish for years to come (to clarify, we’ve made cherished friendships all along our journey – we just got smarter about taking pictures so we can put names with faces).  From left to right:  meet Bobbie and Debbie Stinnett from Knoxville, TN; Steve and Janine Richardson from Detroit, MI; Michael and Judy Sheldon from Las Vegas, NV.

Polson1One of the benefits of staying some place fairly close to Spokane was a visit from my sweet family.  The weekend was full of rambunctious little boys, fishing trips, a trip to the emergency room (Daniel now has a nice little scar on his forehead), and a visit out to the Bison Range.  Our time together went much too fast, but we are looking forward to the next time we are parked someplace the kids would enjoy visiting.

Polson Kids Visit

We had a chance to make a quick trip to Spokane a couple of weeks ago to celebrate my folks 50th wedding anniversary with family and friends.  Their marriage is a testament to commitment, grace, and forgiveness.  Despite their own challenges they continue to pour into the lives of others with such compassion, patience, and genuine love.  Their history together exhibits that marriage isn’t always easy, but through sacrifice and the continual pursuit to honor each other in every way it really can last. Thank you for the humble example you set for our family and friends.  Happy Anniversary to you both.

Dad and Mom Anniversary

Finally, our bucket list continues to grow with new escapades as we move from place to place and meet new people through our travels.  Many of the suggestions made by friends have been added to our list.  However, after extensive debate and consideration we’ve decided that the Montana Testicle Festival will NOT make the list.

More to come soon – our next stop is West Yellowstone, Montana!

  1. Colleen Hansen

    Love hearing of your adventures & seeing the pics!! Is your RV the Allegro Bus? That is a beautiful pic of just the other RVs and the lake & mountains!! Thank you for sharing & taking us along with you!!

    HUGS & God Bless!

  2. John Reeves

    It looks like you two have found your calling! Well written and fun to read. Looking forward to more.

  3. Amy (Law) Jones

    I LOVE this!!!! I noticed your post on FB today about missing your grandkids, which made me remember your post months ago about selling your house and at the time you were keeping the reason left unknown. Now I get it! I just read through your blog from the start and totally admire you two for taking this on. Enjoy!!!! I look forward to reading the updates as they come.

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